What to do as you wait for a tow truck

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waiting for a tow truck

What to do as you wait for a tow truck

As a driver or a motor vehicle owner, there are many challenges that you occasionally face while on the road that may require you to call a towing company to help you out. Some of the problems that may make you call a towing service provider include a car accident, flat tire or a mechanical problem. Driving challenges are unavoidable and can occur to anyone at any time thus it is advisable that you keep a list of highly reputable towing companies that operate within your area of residence. Once you encounter a problem and have called a towing company there are several things that you should do as you wait for the tow truck to come to your rescue. Here are important tasks to do while waiting for a tow truck.

What to do as you wait for a towing truck while on the road

Move your car to the side of the road- Your car may have developed a mechanical problem and stopped abruptly in the middle. The first thing you should do is pushing your car away from the passing traffic. Leaving your car in the middle can be very dangerous since the other drivers may not see it on time leading to high chances of accidents. If there is a heavy traffic especially on the busy roads, leaving your car can block the passing cars leading to a heavy traffic jam. In addition, when the towing truck arrives it will be easy to mount your car on the truck since it driver can park as close as possible to your car. Read more…

Place reflective triangles and flairs a few yards from your car- placing reflective triangles is a requirement especially when it is not possible to move your car from the road. The reflective triangles help to notify other drivers that there is a broken car ahead. In fact, it is a legal requirement that every car should have reflective triangles to be used in such situations. Place one reflector in front of the car, another one behind and another on the side of the car facing the load.

Switch on the hazards lights– turning on hazard lights is a requirement whether your car is in the middle of the road or at the roadside. Just like the reflector triangles, hazard lights help to alert other drivers that the car ahead is broken. With your car’s hazards on, the towing driver can identify your car easily.

Organize the belongings in your car- organizing your belonging helps to save time once the tow truck arrives. Put together all the precious items and documents that you may want to take with you once your car has been towed away. Although, most tow yard owners claim to have put security measures in place, taking precautions does not do any harm. You need to ensure that you have collected all the precious belongings before your car is towed away.

Stay in your car- there are individuals who have a tendency of leaving their cars on the roadside and go to look for shops and other amenities as they wait for the towing driver. Other individual prefer to sit by the load side and enjoy the sun. Leaving your car alone by the roadside can give buglers an opportunity to break into your car and steal important items. Sitting by the roadside, on the other hand, can be very risky since you can be easily attacked by world animals especially if your car has failed near a forested area or an abandoned place.

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