Tips To Choosing A Towing Company

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Choosing a towing company

Tips To Choosing A Towing Company

No one expects their cars to break down or get stuck unexpectedly and often many do not see the need to have a towing company’s contacts saved in their phones. However the disaster that follows after contracting just any towing company is that they can charge too high, come too late, are too rough with the car and many more. To avoid such, use this tips to choose a towing company. To get a general idea of what it would cost for a tow truck service, read this Angie’s list article. Keep in mind that rates vary among many factors including time, location, vehicle type, damage, tow truck type and more.


When calling to get services from a tow company, a competent and professional company should be able to give a definite time response that one should expect them. This simply means that regardless of the situation, be it one is stuck in a ditch or stranded on a lonely road, a timeline should be given for example 30 minutes, 45 minutes and so forth. However the response time should also be short.

Condition of the towing vehicles

One of the biggest mistakes many looking for a towing company often do is not inspecting condition of the vehicles. Still most who often do, just see one vehicle and are convinced that they are all the same without considering to look at the others. To avoid a tow company that will do more harm than good, try dropping in to see where they operate from and inspect quickly condition of their vehicles. This way when the time comes to contract them, one knows their vehicle is safe in the company’s hands.

Service area operational

Not all tow companies operate in a wide route area. By calling in beforehand to check on their normal operational areas, it will be best to choose one that goes the farthest. In the event one chooses a tow company that operates in a smaller area with no backup, one should be prepared to be charged more than double what a tow company normally operating in that area will. For example, if you were faced with the unfortunate event of being stranded on the side of the highway, we’ll use I-90 going towards Erie, Pennsylvania. Now fortunately this is a decent size city so finding a tow truck wouldn’t be as difficult as a town with a few hundred total population. Hopefully your cell phone would be functioning enough to search for tow truck service near me, or for this example, tow truck service Erie PA. Doing this should lists tow truck companies closest to your location and tell whether or not they service the area where you are stranded. Read more…

Compensation for damages

Damage when towing is something that should never be overlooked regardless of the condition of vehicle being used. With the possibility of damage occurring if the vehicle is not handled well, the service company contracted should be able to offer assurance in the event they are liable. If the company does not have such conditions, then move on and look into other companies. is a great tool to use when trying to find a list of towing companies in your area.


The best way to choose a tow company is still by use of reviews. This comes about as when one searches online for best towing companies in their areas, real life clients will respond stating their experiences, charge, time they came, professionalism of crew and more. If the reviews about the company in question are good, then give them a try. If more than a few reviews are negative, it is best to look into other service companies.

Affordable charges

There’s nothing as frustrating as having a towing company that has the best equipment’s and responds rapidly, only for one to realize that their charges are beyond affordable. In this case before settling on company, it is best to ask on rough estimates along the route one uses most. If the quotes given are not reasonable it is best to start looking for another towing company.

All in all recommendations from family and friends is a worth looking at, as they will not mislead one into a bogus company just to earn some cash.